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Braden River Presbyterian Church came into Existence in 1997!  It is a small Church, but packed with so many Down-to-Earth People from all over the Country, along with many Original Members to keep us abreast of the History behind it!


Our New Pastor - Shannon Jung

We are excited to Welcome our New Pastor to BRPC! He brings a wealth of Knowledge, Interesting Sermons, along with with Bride Patti!

Email Shannon directly:  Pastor@BradenRiverPC.com


Choir Director - Jeanette Hocking

Jeanette has given her all to this Church and Choir for so many years!  She is very creative, especially with such a small Choir, and provides music in any way the she can each Sunday! 

Email Jeanette directly:



The Treasurer - Julie McMahon

Julie is the best!  She is very detail-oriented and makes sure that everything is spot on and taken care of! Don't mess with her Books!

Email Julie directly:



Clerk of Session - Lois McGill

We are very lucky to have Lois in this Position!  She overlooks the Church and is an absolute Professional with fulfilling the responsibilities she has been handed!  Lois gives her all in everything that she takes on!

Email Lois at Church:



Head Usher - Leroy Hocking

Long-time Member Leroy is very dedicated to BRPC and truly cares about his Church responsibilities, as well as the People who attend here.  He is a Great Asset to our Church!



Parish Associate - Rev Luis Ojeda

Luis does a wonderful job and truly cares about the Members of our Church!

A parish associate is a minister who serves in some validated ministry other than the local parish, or is a member-at-large, or is honorably retired, but who wishes to maintain a relationship with a particular church or churches in keeping with ordination to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament. 



Class of 2020

John Grabowski - Security

Class of 2021

Pam Tuohey - Mission

Leroy Hocking - Grounds & Building

Evelyn Surles - Worship & Fellowship

Beth Hocking - Technology & Facilities

Lois McGill - Congregational, Nuture, &  Evangelism


What is an Elder:

Our Church Leaders are know as Ruling Elders who are elected by the Congregation, Ordained for Life and serve for a period of 3 years on the governing body called the Session.  Elders previously ordained may be elected to serve again after going off Session for at least 1 year.

Each Elder at BRPC is also a Team Leader responsible for the care and function of a particular Ministry Team. Serving Elders meet as scheduled by the Session to discuss and direct the Business of the Church.  Church Members and Friends are encouraged to discuss their ideas and concerns with the Elders serving on Session.