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Who We Are: Leadership

Braden River is part of the fellowship of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We have an elected representative form of government and ordain both women and men to the offices of Elder and Minister of Word and Sacrament.

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Our church leaders are known as Ruling Elders who are elected by the congregation, ordained for life and serve for a period of 3 years on the governing body called the Session. Elders previously ordained may be elected to serve again after going off Session for at least 1 year.

Each Elder at Braden River is also a team leader responsible for the care and function of a particular ministry team. Serving Elders meet as scheduled by the Session to discuss and direct the business of the church. Church members and friends are encouraged to discuss their ideas and concerns with the Elders serving on Session.

Ministry Teams

Ministry teams are fluid groups dedicated to a particular function and/or ministry. They are made up of a team leader who is always an Elder actively serving on Session as well as interested members and friends of the congregation.

Worship - all aspects of worship including music, communion preparation, sanctuary layout and decoration, all regular and special worship services.

Evangelism - all outreach into the church and community to invite people to explore following the way of Jesus Christ including website, direct mail, event design and support, greeters, radio, TV, and print publicity

Mission - all the formal work of compassion with organizations, people and events to help those in need

Fellowship - the party people who provide the food, event design and support for all the eating, laughing and getting together in the church or on off-campus events.

Building and Grounds - if it's broke, they'll fix it or make a proposal to buy a new one

Administration and Finance - all aspects of handling finances, personnel and maintaining the church office

Congregation | Nurture - all kinds of support for our members, friends, and visitors happens here.

Braden River Presbyterian Church, Bradenton, Manatee County, Florida